Gail M. Brown, Curator

Karen Massaro
Spoon Sticks


Peter Lenzo
Almost A Conversation: Life Or Death

Spoon It! Fork It! Cut It Up!

Baltimore Clayworks
Baltimore, MD
April 25 - May 30, 2009

A Salon Show of ceramic implements/ DOMESTIC TOOLS: chop sticks, forks, knives, ladles, picks, pincers, prongs, scoops, shovels, spades, spoons, spreaders, stirrers, tongs and/or what you will.

Some pieces directly convey the essence of the task, other forms further elaborate with unique design, style and material focus connoting layered messages beyond the implied function, others reference an intended ritual, a setting and an elaborate, descriptive backstory.

See a slideshow of selected images from the exhibition.

Read an excerpt from the letter of invitation to the artists.

Jennifer Allen
Marilyn Andrews
Mary Barringer
Tom Bartel
Ingrid Bathe
Russell Biles
Lynn Smiser Bowers
Lucy Breslin
Ben Carter
Pattie Chalmers
Jeffrey Chapp
Kristen Cliffel
Craig Clifford
Cynthia Consentino
Jaclyn DeMeo
Charity Davis-Woodard
Deirdre Daw
Heather Mae Erickson
Carole Ann Fer
Katie Fishbein
Kathryn Finnerty
Debra Fritts
Leah Hardy
Nicole Harrod
Rebecca Harvey
Sam Hoffman
Bryan Hopkins
Jacqueline Johnson Hughes
Linda Huey
Matt Kelleher
Kristen Kieffer
Jim Klueg
Charles Krafft
Debbie Kupinsky
Eva Kwong
Stephanie Lanter
  Peter Lenzo
Nathalie MacDonald Weis
Kirk Mangus
Karen T. Massaro
Jenny Mendes
Dana Morales
Kathryn Narrow
Lisa Orr
Brenda Quinn
Rick Parsons
Neil Patterson
Sandi Pierantozzi
Joseph Pintz
Jeanee Redmond
Tom Rohr
Leslie Rosdol
Tim Rowan
Stephanie Rozene
Tammie Rubin
Amy Santoferraro
Susan Schultz
Nick Sevigney
Phillip Soosloff
Jinsoo Song
Karen Swyler
Skeffington Thomass
Joan Takayama-Ogawa
Claudia Tarantino
Hirotsune Tashima
Shoko Teruyama
Michelle Tinner
Blake Jamison Williams
Rhonda Willers
Bruce Winn
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Valerie Zimany

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