Gail M. Brown, Curator

Jon Eric Riis
Anatomy Tape


Norwood Viviano
First Generation Artifact: Lace Pillow


Marjorie Schick
Veil of Dreams

The Art of Seduction


Anticipation, enticement, ideas, experience, response, memory.

The ART of SEDUCTION: Exquisitely Crafted Temptations, the exhibition, offers enticing visual stimulation and questions. These diverse, contemporary decorative arts objects explore the subject within the broader visual arena.

What is seductive?
These, unique, exceptional, handmade objects, offer enticements- tactilely in seductive material palettes and processes, emotionally by the attraction of their forms and frames of reference and intellectually by the power and context of their potent ideas. In ceramics, fibers, glass, jewelry forms, metals, wood, and mixed media palettes, tempting objects by thirty nine artists engage us in the experience. These unique, personal, cultural artifacts with antecedents in utility join the continuum of exquisite objects which historically mark their place, personna and time.

Howard Community College
Columbia, MD
January 12 - March 18, 2012

Excerpts from Curator's Talk

Slideshow of Selected Images from the Exhibition

Exhibition Brochure (PDF - 10MB)

Mike Giuliano, Baltimore Sun

Opening Reception and Gallery Talk
February 16, 5:00-7:00 p.m.


Renee Adams
Julia Barello
Tanya Batura
Christyl Boger
Kathy Buszkiewicz
Jessica Calderwood
Sonya Clark
Kim Dickey
Donald Friedlich
Susan Taylor Glasgow
Jill Baker Gower
Virginia Griswold
Chris Gustin
Susan Hagen
Jennifer Halvorson
Julia Harrison
Wendy Huhn
Matt Hutton
Ron Isaacs
Darien Johnson

  Tracy Krumm
Amy Long
Sharon Massey
Jesse Mathes
Jillian Moore
Tom Muir
emiko oye
Catherine Winkler Rayroud
Philip Renato
Jon Eric Riis
Amy Rueffert
Richard Saja
Marjorie Schick
Bonnie Seeman
Lin Stanionis
Travis S. Townsend
Norwood Viviano
Gina Westergard
Kai Wolter

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