Gail M. Brown, Curator

David H. Clemons
8" x 8" x 2.25"
Mixed medial


Jennifer Crupi
Unguarded Gestures #3
28" x 18" x 13"
Aluminum, painted wood, acrylic

Curator's Essay

Making art is a political act.

Whether supporting or disrupting, echoing current trends or attacking convention, art represents taking a position and upholding it. In the most memorable work, doing so with unlimited commitment and passion is of the utmost significance. Every time something is crafted, it demonstrates a point of view, ideally with the most authentic intentions and resolve.

RE/ACTION(S) is an exhibition of diverse works of layered ideas and often unexpected, exceptional forms and formats. New and unique objects of frequently memorable nature. Reflections on current social, political, personal and environmental matters and mores. Of a material palette suitable to specific goals. Exquisitely well-crafted process and sustained media exploration. Acknowledgement of and stimulated by the wealth of contemporary craft, yet intent on creating new definitions and parameters. From a vibrant group of younger, risk- taking artists.

These makers explore and ask questions- tacitly or overtly;
they act and react to what preceded their times and places in the field and what they identify of personal import. Some look outward and shout. They address issues about the planet, physical being and culture. Others share intimate personal matters. They reference relationships and the fragility and strength of self.
Some refer to grand stimulation and the art and craft around us. They recall and reshape ideas based on history and industry.
Others barge boldly into new places. Definitions of common parlance may be replaced with new concepts worth, at the very least, consideration. Some fit, others jar. But, which works are most unforgettable- those which slide easily into our comfort zones or others which disconcert, stick and make a resounding noise we grow to appreciate? Some tweak softly and subtly, others overturn conventions and expectations. The narratives are all offered for the viewing: edgy discomfort and poetic grace, fire and/or ice.

The work, singly and in juxtaposition, is stimulating and often provocative, drawing you into its world. Each artist entices with unique objects of grace and individuality, with seductively tactile forms and surfaces, with accomplished craftsmanship and experimentation and, most significantly, with heartfelt individual ideas. They each speak of "today," they come from the sustained continuum of craft "yesterdays" and, they anticipate "tomorrow." Their works, to-date, are noteworthy; the forms in RE/ACTION(S) add exceptional promise to the expansive, vibrant state of contemporary craft.

The gamut of possibilities is available to all who seek visual challenges and, in the process, question their own receptivity. We are gifted by such a breadth of possibilities, including the truly "unexpected." What is memorable? Authenticity. Passion. Examination. Risk Taking. Tactility. All invite us to explore, savor and share this often remarkable adventure.

We bring to the viewing our own sensibilities and experience. We should be as open to the surprises as artists are: the discoveries are limitless. SEIZE THE DAY! Artists do.

Gail M. Brown
May 2009


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