Gail M. Brown, Curator

Andrea Keys Connell
18 x 16 x 14" each


Megan Bogonovich
12 x 13 x 10"


A New Look at an Historic Art Form



The ceramic figurine appears throughout art history internationally. It has survived time and excavation. Its presence enhances our picture of each civilization. It can be viewed as a visual document of the pop culture of its time. Historically, it may reflect manners, mores, styles and social custom. In European society from the 18th century, figurines became a commercial must-have, intent on being charming, alluding to desired lifestyle, offered as a mass produced accessory from many prestigious ceramic factories and marketed as a collectable to adorn the mantle in well appointed domestic settings. Later, it became the scale of choice for compelling, one-of-a-kind, dynamic figurative works. It continues to have appeal for artists with something big to say in chosen modest scale.

The magnetic and the memorable in small formats can hold a fascinating, disproportionate power. FRESH FIGURINES explores some of the ideas and arresting forms which contemporary, one-of-a-kind ceramic figurines take and hold. These works resonate within this perspective: be they boldly confrontational, subtly coy, questioning, provocative and/or purely playful. They are, often unanticipated, material evidence of focused subjects expressed in quite diminutive physical size—moods and mores, personal and universal issues, historic or current political and social matters—presented as individual or grouped figures and/or in settings and vignettes.

Fuller Craft Museum
Brockton, MA
October 8, 2011 - February 5, 2012

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Opening Reception
Sunday, October 9, 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Curator's Talk 1:00 p.m.


Works which reference historic figurines
Chris Antemann
Andrea Keys Connell
Susan Schultz
Heather Nameth Bren
Future Retrieval—Katie Parker & Guy Davis

Works with references to history and art history
Ronna Neuenschwander
Rough & Perfect—Rebecca Harvey & Steve Thursten
Richard Cleaver
David Furman
Mara Superior

Works about aesthetics, values and questions
Amy Santoferraro
Nathan Prouty
Ryan Takaba
Elissa Armstrong
Linda Cordell

Issues about contemporary life and pop culture—from the weighty to the witty
Pavel Amromin
Arnie Zimmerman
Bill Stewart
Sunkoo Yuh
Corie Cole
Hirotsune Tashima
Hide Sadohara

Personal fairy tales and dreams
Christina Bothwell
Megan Bogonovich
Debra Fritts
Tom Bartel
Lisa Clague

Family and community
Russell Biles
Beth Lo
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Jack Earl

Addressing vernacular icons
Jack Thompson
Cynthia Consentino
Thaddeus Erdahl
Jeremy Brooks

And contemplating the inner self
Jessica Stoller
Anne Drew Potter
Debbie Kupinsky
Lisa Marie Barber
Paul McMullan

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