Gail M. Brown, Curator

Karen Hampton
She Stands, Wash Rinse, the House Maid’s Apron


Kimberly Winkle

The Uncommon Apron


Aprons as a visual mnemonic in 1950-1960’s American popular culture have tended to conjure saccharine images of apple pie and June Cleaver moms. This identifiable domestic object has the potential to become a charged icon, a social/political object, of individually focused reference, provocation and unlimited imagination. The exhibition will offer, comment and challenge changing social roles and mores, topics about work, familial life and identity while referencing historic connections to functionality, occupation, community and new household roles.

“I am seeking exceptionally conceived and crafted, memorable objects and forms which make visual and tactile comments about domesticity, labor, gender, hospitality, nostalgia, function and fashion. And others with subtexts about protection, ceremony, the class system, body adornment, handwork and souvenirs. This new object may become a potent iconic form, familiar and yet unexpected, in its open ended possibilities. I intend a diversity of intentions and media- clay, fibers, glass, metals, mixed media, paper, wood and upcycled palettes- to explore the personal in these anticipated, new narrative forms.

Peters Valley School of Craft
Sally D. Francisco Gallery
Layton, NJ
August 31 - November 3, 2019

Curator's Essay (PDF)

Installation photos

Exhibit catalog (PDF)

Review: "Aprons as Art: No Strings Attached"


Harriete Estel Berman
Jen Blazina
Elizabeth Brim
Jessica Calderwood
Rebecca Chapell
Pattie Chalmers
Kate Clements
Cynthia Consentino
Jennifer Datchek
Liz Albert Fay
Susan Taylor Glasgow
Jill Baker Gower
Rachel Grobstein
Susan Hagen
Karen Hampton
Joanna Hickman
Reineke Hollander
Wendy Huhn
Lissa Hunter
Nicole Jacquard
Kate Kretz
Tracy Krumm
Margaux Lange
Lee Malerich

  Donna Rhae Marder
Kristen Martincic
Carol Milne
Sana Musasama
Lindsay Obermeyer
Mary Hallam Pearse
Laura Petrovich-Cheney
Luanne Rimel
Gwen Samuels
Marian Schoettle-Mau
Karyl Sisson
Damia Smith
Jo Stealey
Melissa Stern
Missy Stevens
Claudia Tarantino
Billie Theide
Shalene Valenzuela
Mallory Weston
Blake Williams
Kimberly Winkle
Leah Woods
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Renee Zettle-Sterling

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